"H&R Aquaponic Farms"

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About Us

Who are we?

Hello, we are glad you stopped by to visit our “Website”. At “H&R Aquaponic Farms” our vision is to create a 100% self-sustaining and totally symbiotic farm in northwest Texas on a 150 acre or less plot of land.


Although we do not have everything completely up and running yet, we are able to now offer the following items:

Free-Range Eggs

Coming soon!



1. 100% Solar Power for the Aquaponics system
2. Heater for fish tank
3. Strawberry hanging garden for our Aquaponics
4. Vermi-composting system
5. Bee-hive for honey production

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Added some new pictures that I took last night. Our tomatoes are really starting to look...

Fish House 2-3-13

Fish House [img src=http://www.farmingwithaquaponics.com/wp-content/flagal

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Large Scale Aquaponics

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